The 2x1 Matrix Cycle Up to Infinity

  • Get at least 2 persons directly connected under your matrix and you will cyle.

  • $17.77/Cycle  $6.6 Cash added to your available balance and  $11.11 pays for reentry

  • If your direct cycles, they will reentry under your current matrix account.  The more active directs, the faster you cycle

  • Unlimited Cycles per day


Learn how PlanProMatrix created Millionaires
thru its Table of Exits Incentive Program!

🌟 Table 1 = Receive $66.66 + Free Reentry to Table 1 + Free Entry to Table 2
🌟 Table 2 = Receive $211 + Free Reentry to Table 2 + Free Entry to Table 3
🌟 Table 3 = Receive $666.66 + Free Reentry to Table 3 + Free Entry to Table 4
🌟 Table 4 = Receive $2,222 + Free Reentry to Table 4 + Free Entry to Table 5
🌟 Table 5 = Receive $11,111 + Free Reentry to Table 5

Monthly Sharing Bonus

Refer at least 5 people within the month and receive monthly sharing bonus!

Binary Activation Bonus (Direct Referral) & Infinity Pairing Bonus

Receive $0.66 for each direct referral who activate their binary. After 4 direct referrals, a member will automatically receive a Binary Activation Code. When a member activate its binary the sponsor receives $0.66, the member who activate its binary is already eligible to Pairing Bonus of $2.22 down to infinity!

Pass Up Bonus

Your sponsor will receive $ 1.11 for your 1st, 3rd and 5th direct. You will receive your $ 1.11 Pass Up Bonus to your 2nd, 4rth, 6th and so on directs.

Direct Referral Bonus

Receive $ 0.11 Indirect Referal Bonus down to 10th level

What is 2x1PPMGlobal?

2x1PPMGlobal is a vial mailer, builder and a feeder site to PlanProMatrix Online.

What is PlanProMatrix Online?

PPM or #planpromatrix Online is a 5-year old MLM Business legally registered in the Philippines. It has created millionaires overtime and is amazingly viral up to now.

How does it work?

When you upgrade your account here in 2x1PPMGlobal, you will also have 1 account in PlanProMatrix Online.  We will manually create your account at PPM and will provide you with a temporay password.

How do I earn?

Here in 2x1PPMGlobal you will receive sales commissions if your referral upgrade their account.  Additionally, you will earn bonuses separately in your PlanProMatrix Account.

How do I get paid in PlanProMatrix?

Those who are ouside Philippines can receive their earnings at MoneyGram and Xoom(byPaypal).  Additionally, you can convert your earnings into "activation codes" and sell them to your downline however you want to get paid.

What is included in the 2x1PPMGlobal Offers?

2x1PPMGlobal offers 2 kinds of OTO (One Time OFfer).  Gold and Silver.  Both package includes mailing credits, unlimited banner credits, unlimited text ad credits and 1 Lifetime Account at PlanProMatrix Online.



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