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2x1PPMGlobal is a viral mailer & a builder dedicated to PlanProMatrix Online (a 5 yr old amazing MLM Business)

As a viral mailer, you can send email promotions to all our members as long as you have mailing credits. As a builder, you will be able to build your PlanProMatrix network and you can also add your other programs to our Builder. You can also earn sales and referral commissions.

You also have the option to just use the mailer.

What is so special about 2x1PPMGlobal Mailer & Builder?

You are going to hit 2 birds in one shot!
Upgrade your account here and optionally,
we will create an account for you at PlanProMatrix Online.
Why do would you want an account at PlanProMatrix Online?
The answer is because we have tested the business, it worked for many people (there are actual millionaires already), it worked for us (we are currently earning decently from it) and we are confident that it will work for you too!

PlanProMatrix Online Business Overview:

Registered on August 1, 2013 as a Multi-level Marketing Business by its founder Mark George Naval from Daet, Camarines Sur Philippines.

Product:ย  Mobile TopUp Systems & Business Packages (Starter & Premium) - also includes digital downloads like ebooks and an income-generating Data Entry Software which can be very useful to you!

When you buy any of business packages, you are automatically a Distributor with life-changing lucrative bonuses.ย  As a non-Filipino member, you can encash your bonuses through Xoom & Money Gram international remittance centers.ย  The minimum payout is $4.45

2x1PPMGlobal is going to be your gateway to access this amazing business online. All you have to do is upgrade your account here at 2x1PPMGlobal and we will place you too in our PlanProMatrix team. You will receive your login details at PlanProMatrix to fully control and monitor your account. We have a strategy to put your accounts that it will continue to earn money for a lifetime by placing you rightfully in the 2x1 matrix and earn unlimited $6 on every cycle with unlimited REENTRIES! If you take the Top Level membership here, you will also be placed in the PPM Table of Exits where you can enjoy duplicating slots and bonuses from $66 up to $11,111.00 (this system is working already and tested by many Filipinos worldwide!) We have Millionaires in PPM already they had actually earned more than $11,111 repeatedly!

There are so many kinds of bonuses as a distributor/affiliate of PPM. We are highlighting the 2x1 Matrix with reentries and Unlimited $6 cycle bonus plus the Domino Effect placement strategy & the Table of Exits Incentive Program.

Other amazing bonuses are: Binary Infinity Pairing Bonus, Indirect Referral Bonus down to 10th level, Monthly Sharing Bonus (refer 5 within the month get an equal share of the sharing pool) & the Pass Up Bonus.

You will be amazed by how much money you can earn from PPM with very little out of the pocket one-time-fee of $16 (Starter) or $45 (Premium) ! PPM was reviewed on youtube by a non-filipino guy, many nationalities wants to join but they are finding it hard to activate their accounts they are lost where to send money and they can't find guidance. Here in our mailer and builder, you will get that opportunity! You can get your account activated in a few minutes/hours with our help. You have our 100% support and we are all together in this. We will also provide you all the marketing tools that you need to leverage the power of internet marketing into succeeding in your PlanProMatrix journey.



The 2x1 Matrix Cycle Up to Infinity

  • Get at least 2 persons directly connected under your matrix and you will cyle.

  • $17.77/Cycle $6.6 Cash added to your available balance and $11.11 pays for reentry

  • If your direct cycles, they will reentry under your current matrix account. The more active directs, the faster you cycle

  • Unlimited Cycles per day


THE TABLE OF EXITS (for Premium)

Learn how PlanProMatrix created Millionaires
thru its Table of Exits Incentive Program!

๐ŸŒŸ Table 1 = Receive $66.66 + Free Reentry to Table 1 + Free Entry to Table 2
๐ŸŒŸ Table 2 = Receive $211 + Free Reentry to Table 2 + Free Entry to Table 3
๐ŸŒŸ Table 3 = Receive $666.66 + Free Reentry to Table 3 + Free Entry to Table 4
๐ŸŒŸ Table 4 = Receive $2,222 + Free Reentry to Table 4 + Free Entry to Table 5
๐ŸŒŸ Table 5 = Receive $11,111 + Free Reentry to Table 5

Monthly Sharing Bonus

Refer at least 5 people within the month and receive monthly sharing bonus!

Binary Activation Bonus (Direct Referral) & Infinity Pairing Bonus

Receive $0.66 for each direct referral who activate their binary. After 4 direct referrals, a member will automatically receive a Binary Activation Code. When a member activates its binary the sponsor receives $0.66, the member who activate its binary is already eligible to Pairing Bonus of $2.22 down to infinity!

Pass Up Bonus

Your sponsor will receive $ 1.11 for your 1st, 3rd and 5th direct. You will receive your $ 1.11 Pass Up Bonus for your 2nd, 4rth, 6th and so on directs.

Direct Referral Bonus

Receive $ 0.11 Indirect Referal Bonus down to 10th level

Domino Effect and Multiple Accounts

To maximize your cycle and exit bonuses you are allowed to have multiple accounts that you can link together. Use different usernames and the rest of the personal information must be the same.

Domino effect is used and very effective way of maximizing your earnings. It can be applied to your own multiple accounts and to your network so each can benefit to each other's reentries and cycles.

2x1PPMGlobal.club Offers

You can buy these special offers in members area:



Unlimited Banner Credits

Unlimited Text Ads

10k Mailing Credits

20 Square Banners

20 Regular Banners

1 : 50 Surf Ratio

ย 13% OTO commissions

Unlimited Banner Credits

Unlimited Text Ads

50k Mailing Credits

20 Square Banners

20 Regular Banners

1 : 100 Surf Ratio

20% OTO Commissions

1 Starter Account at PPM

(No Table of Exits)

1 Premium Account at PPM

with 1 slot on Table of Exits

only $24

onlyย  $59



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